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Welcome to the Eagle Tactical System Custom Firearms design pages. In order to proceed please log in (above) to your existing account or register. We can only ship firearms and lower receivers to verified FFL holders and do not sell to customers in the following states due to regulations and laws established by those states whose laws and regulations we believe violate your rights under the US Constitution:

We have built and designed a program for your use that will allow you to design and build a custom AR15 platform firearm, whether it is an AR15, M4, M4 Enhanced version (M4E1), an M5 (AR10) or an M5 enhanced version (M5E1). As you work through your design, you will see images that may be enlarged for detail review before selecting the type rifle you desire to design. Once you have selected your weapons type, simply click the link that applies in the custom build table below. If you prefer to order a complete rifle, complete upper or complete lower, options exist below for each type rifle/component as well.

Our build process is defined using our own proprietary expert system for ease of use by the designer. We have streamlined the process by adding preselected critical items at various stages based on your choices. Should you desire to change a selection of start over, we provide a button for you to do so. During the process, we will offer you the opportunity to add accessories after the build is complete; accessories like cases, slings, ambidextrous or upgraded parts, etc. After you have complete your build, you will requested to submit your selections for review, modification if we see an error, pricing and expected delivery. For custom designs we will respond within 24 hours to your request.

The right of self-defense against others or institutions is generally accepted under natural law as a God given right to preserve our liberty. The original intent of the Second Amendment is to ensure three basic principles of defending individual liberty; 1. Self-defense against others 2. Self-defense of the home 3. Provide that every able-bodied American was armed and willing to defend their liberty against any standing army thus securing the protection of the citizen from the tyranny of foreign powers, the Federal government and the States. The Fourteenth Amendment was enacted after the civil war to reaffirm that the Second Amendment applied to the States as well. This right can only be invalidated by an amendment to the Constitution proposed by the Congress or a Constitutional Convention and ratified by three-quarters of the states.


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