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Security Consulting is provided across the spectrum of security needs for both residential and commercial/government. We offer several options to meet the needs of our clients.

Residential Security Programs:

Security Survey - our security specialists will conduct an on site survey and review of your homestead or facilities to provide you with a CONFIDENTIAL assessment and recommendations on improving your personal or business security posture.

Our residential assessments are designed with your safety and comfort in mind as we analyze your personal situation, identify vulnerabilities that may exist and develop an understanding of your personal security concerns.
  • Threat Assessment and Analysis. This includes a comprehensive analysis of threat and vulnerability for the selected property/client.
  • Security Design. Our security design process addresses physical security through a needs analysis process and can be simple or complex as required.
  • We offer the course Personal Protection in the Home (NRA). This is a 16 hour training program that is NRA certified that requires a minimum of NRA Basic Pistol Certification to attend. This course discusses the legal elements associated with protection in the home as defined by Illinois Statutes 430 and 720 ILCS.

Commercial Security Programs:
  • We provide a comprehensive system of analysis which may include red team activities designed to penetrate systems to critical asset levels. The programs for commerce are based on cyber and physical threat scenarios.
  • We also provide third party validation services for clients with existing systems in place to assure that systems are up to current standards.
  • We provide active shooter training for organizations and employees on an ongoing basis to assist in reducing or eliminating loss during an active event.

Government Security Programs
  • We provide a variety of services to include:
    • Physical Security analysis and consulting
    • Active Shooter training both didactic (classroom) and scenario driven programs
    • Security Design
    • Cyber Security, design and white hat services
    • Active Shooter in educational institutions
    • With our partner Vector Shields, We offer De-escalation training, protocols and equipment for use in Active Shooter Situations.

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The right of self-defense against others or institutions is generally accepted under natural law as a God given right to preserve our liberty. The original intent of the Second Amendment is to ensure three basic principles of defending individual liberty; 1. Self-defense against others 2. Self-defense of the home 3. Provide that every able-bodied American was armed and willing to defend their liberty against any standing army thus securing the protection of the citizen from the tyranny of foreign powers, the Federal government and the States. The Fourteenth Amendment was enacted after the civil war to reaffirm that the Second Amendment applied to the States as well. This right can only be invalidated by an amendment to the Constitution proposed by the Congress or a Constitutional Convention and ratified by three-quarters of the states.


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